A No Tomato Smoky Highway Karhai Chicken

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If you had asked me if I had ever had a Karhai Chicken without tomatoes I would have firmly insisted no. And then I did and it all came back to me. Cramming into cars to go to the highly recommended highway restaurant, the charpoys and takhts scattered over large areas, the waiters deftly going by with their hot naans, and the smell, that amazing smell wafting through the air. It is the spices, but more than the spices its charcoal. Really, there is something about that smell that makes you feel like you can almost taste the best tikka in the world or perphaps the best karhai chicken. 

karhai chicken

Please note that the spice level in this recipe is quite high, but please do feel free to take it down a notch. I personally like the whole my mouth is on fire where is the cold bottle of coke when I need it feeling. But that’s just me.

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Eid Decor – An Eid Dessert Table!

Eid decor and dessert table

Eid Decor Already?

Ramadan may be two months away, but my girls have already started talking about Eid. The little one because that is when she next wears nail polish (insert eye roll and lol), the big because she is an enthusiastic party planner. We have gotten into the rhythm of hosting something on Eid ul Fitr every year. As the girls get older we make a conscious effort to have that something be an event that involves all their friends. Their excitement over their clothes, getting their henna done the day before, the Eid decor, the impatience with which they wait for friends to arrive, that is the best part. eid decor

When Lail of With a Spin, a tasteful Islamic products store, sent these adorable camel cutters and favor boxes to me to try out I instantly knew that whatever I did would have to reflect that bright happy joy. I also love the idea of making a fun whimsical tablescape with items that would actually get eaten or used. My girls got such a kick out of the little camel cookie toppers, and I really enjoyed how the sugar cookies made a simple white cake look so festive.

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Yakhni Pulao Made Quicker with an Instant Pot

Yakhni Pulao

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I recently ran a poll on my Insta Stories where I said cooking for me ranges from feeling like therapy to full on torture and asked where you stood. Most people leant towards therapy, but the bulk of you that messaged me said that it is compulsion that kills it for you. I agree. Wholeheartedly. The difference between I want to and I have to is significant.

For instance, take Yakhni Pulao. I really love it, but there is never a have to attached (I may love it  a little more than everyone else lol). So for me cooking Yakhni Pulao with it’s heady aroma is therapy. That said, the traditional way (stovetop) it takes well over an hour just to get the stock ready if you are making it with beef. I am used to slow cooking meat so that in itself does not bother me. However, that’s a solid hour that the aromas I find delightful when I am eating full on move into my couch and rugs and the house smells for days on end. I don’t find that quite so delightful.Yakhni Pulao

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Genius Easiest Tomato Sauce a.k.a the only Tomato Sauce My Kids Like

Easiest Tomato Sauce

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Sometimes I hate ads. Especially those ones where it’s dinner time and there is a mother whose hair and makeup is casually but magically perfect at dinner time. She reaches for a jar of tomato sauce as her kids enthusiastically look on. Cue the close up of assorted fresh veggies being chopped and gleefully tossed into the pasta pot. The kids sneak a bite and radiate joy.

Here is what happens if I crack open a jar of tomato sauce, and I am talking the good kind. The older one will wail, the younger one will automatically wail too. I will offer to doctor it to their liking. There will be sulking, some tears. The will reluctantly eat one helping after what feels like a 1,238 reminders. Dinner will end with me feeling like I survived a battle. Easiest Tomato Sauce

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Classic Creamy Chocolate Mousse

Creamy Chocolate Mousse

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I learnt how to make this Creamy Chocolate Mousse from Betty Crocker. I wish I was kidding, because hell that’s way uncool, but it is the truth. Growing up I had this Betty Crocker recipe book, it was the size of a drugstore paperback and some 600 pages thick. Most of what I baked came from that little book without coloured photos or pithy pre recipe commentary. The instructions were pretty basic, but they clearly were good because I had more hits than misses from that tattered red book. Chocolate Mousse

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