Kalay Chanay in an Instant Pot

Kalay Chanay

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It is Day 3 of Fasting guys. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, in the month of Ramadan, a month in the lunar Muslim calendar, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. In Canada that means a whopping 17 hour fast. No food, no water. For those of you familiar with fasts and keeping them, I hope yours are going well. This is my first year of Ramzan in a long time where both kids are in school and I have decided to take advantage of that to alter my regular schedule to include a nap. It is going a long way to compensate for the sleep I lose at night when I wake up for Sehri/Suhoor (the predawn meal). Fingers crossed that the rest of the fasts go as these have. Kalay Chanay

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Homemade Pakora Mix

Pakora Mix

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I have said it before and I will say it again – Mama Jafri is a practical lady and a force to be reckoned with. At some point she realized that spending so much time making pakora mix daily in Ramadan was quite ridiculous and started making huge batches of a dry pakora mix. Then at iftar time she would add a little water and whatever she was in the mood for.

My favourite: sliced boiled eggs. It sounds weird, but that is literally my favourite pakora. Green chutney not optional.Pakora Mix

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Fifteen Fun Things about the Ramadan Market

Ramadan Market

Hey guys! So this is a little bit different than my usual post because there is no recipe here! There is however a quick rundown of a fun event happening in Toronto this weekend called the Ramadan Market, organised by Salam Sudduf. It is a selectively curated event, with each vendor representing an aesthetic that is clean, modern and even a little quirky. So without further ado here are my fifteen favourite things about the Ramadan Market.

Ramadan Market

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Berrylicious Overnight Oats Boosted with Boncare

Overnight Oats

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Hello friends! If there is a theme now it is getting ready for Ramadan. Many of you have asked me to share things that work for me and I did so in my previous post and will continue along these lines now. First of all let me be honest and say that while my collection of sprinkles is expansive space in my kitchen is at a premium so I generally don’t indulge in trendier foods unless they bring serious nutritional punch and are easy to use. Boncare, or raw date seed powder, hits the mark on both fronts. Overnight Oats

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Energy Bites to Keep You Going this Ramadan

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I see all these wonderful influencers out there, sharing their countdowns to Ramadan, their beautifully decorated homes, excited for the onset of this holy month and they make me smile every single time. However, about a second after that smile my secondadry reaction kicks in, the “ohmigod how am I going to survive the 17 hour roza” reflex. What’s the Muslim equivalent of a grinch? Well whatever that is, it takes a lot not to devolve into that person. It is more of a personal challenge for me because I have small kids and I am conscious of them not feeling like Ramadan is when mama is extra cranky etc. 

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