Eid Decor – An Eid Dessert Table!

Eid decor and dessert table

Eid Decor Already?

Ramadan may be two months away, but my girls have already started talking about Eid. The little one because that is when she next wears nail polish (insert eye roll and lol), the big because she is an enthusiastic party planner. We have gotten into the rhythm of hosting something on Eid ul Fitr every year. As the girls get older we make a conscious effort to have that something be an event that involves all their friends. Their excitement over their clothes, getting their henna done the day before, the Eid decor, the impatience with which they wait for friends to arrive, that is the best part. eid decor

When Lail of With a Spin, a tasteful Islamic products store, sent these adorable camel cutters and favor boxes to me to try out I instantly knew that whatever I did would have to reflect that bright happy joy. I also love the idea of making a fun whimsical tablescape with items that would actually get eaten or used. My girls got such a kick out of the little camel cookie toppers, and I really enjoyed how the sugar cookies made a simple white cake look so festive.

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Strawberry Jam Bars – Only 6 Ingredients!

Strawberry Jam Bars

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My 7 year old is a Jam Snob. When I made these Strawberry Jam Bars she politely ate one then after our friends had gone she looked at me and said “So I wasn’t a big fan of the bars. You see, I liked the top and the bottom, but that jam, that wasn’t good jam. You should get some good jam.”

Strawberry Jam Bars

Insert Eye Roll.

Note to self: drive 45 minutes out to Springridge Farms to buy strawberry jam. Because grocery store jams – ew. Also so are apparently jams with large pieces of fruit. That little bit there reassures me that she is still 7. Strawberry Jam Bars

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Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits

Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits

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There are few things that make you feel like a Boss in the kitchen the way making good biscuits does. That’s just a Fact. It is probably the satisfaction that harder working people than I get when they make a good bread. However, since I don’t have a stand mixer and am unlikely to spend any serious amount of time kneading anything I prefer baked goods that require a lighter touch. These Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits totally hit the mark. They are soft and flaky with a slight crust that I adore. The jalapenos give them lovely flavor as does that melty cheese. Because let’s be real when has melty cheese not been utterly delicious?Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits

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Whole Wheat Orange Muffins

Orange Muffins

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I first went to Disneyland when I was 9, then again when I was a college freshman. My junior year of college I went to Disney World. All three of those times, no matter who I went with, we all just walked in and did whatever we felt like. In another week or so we are off to Disneyworld. I booked Fastpasses for 3 rides for each day 20 something days ago. If I was staying on a Disney property I could have done it 180 days in advance. I have a Pinterest board, am in three Disney related Facebook groups, have a list of must do activities, a list of places that are good for meals and others for snacks. We also have a breakfast reservation for day two. Oh and the girls have a cute Disney countdown going.orange_muffins_

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Coffee Toffee Lindt Shortbread Cookies


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Did you ever watch Home Alone? You know, from back when Macaulay Culkin was cute. Apparently it released in 1990 and the fact that I remember it well makes me way old. But back to the movie. Growing up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that movie was the first time I was exposed to Christmas. You see we are Muslim and before the whole world shrank thanks to the internet Christmas was still a very North American/ European thing. Now I see friends still living in Pakistan putting up trees with twinkling lights. It is fun to see that Santa has gone global 🙂 

I love the carols, the lights, the magic of it all, but I also really love having another excuse to bake. When I spotted these Lindt Shortbread Cookies from Salma of The Write Balance I knew I had to bake them pronto. Because, well it’s the season after all. Coffee Toffee Lindt Shortbread Cookies

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