Classic Creamy Chocolate Mousse

Creamy Chocolate Mousse

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I learnt how to make this Creamy Chocolate Mousse from Betty Crocker. I wish I was kidding, because hell that’s way uncool, but it is the truth. Growing up I had this Betty Crocker recipe book, it was the size of a drugstore paperback and some 600 pages thick. Most of what I baked came from that little book without coloured photos or pithy pre recipe commentary. The instructions were pretty basic, but they clearly were good because I had more hits than misses from that tattered red book. Chocolate Mousse

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Dark Chocolate Energy Bites (Made with Liquid Stevia!)

Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

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Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

When I first thought about energy bites I envisioned them as an after school snack for the kids. I wanted them to be easy to make and adaptable. Adaptable how? I have said before that my slim children who spend hours every day playing outside don’t need to watch their diet in quite the same way as their mama does. The challenge is that I always eat with them and so if I am feeding them a diet which has a portion of good fats I eat the same way. Let’s throw out there that I really shouldn’t be! I also am aware that body issues can start alarmingly early so I don’t like making this obvious. What I like about these Dark Chocolate Energy Bites sweetened by the power of Greeniche brand Chocolate Choice Flavorall is that they fill my dark chocolate cravings and with the right mix ins and drizzles are a great after school snack for the kids as well.  Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

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Mint Oreo Bark – A Food Gift Kids Can Make!

Mint Oreo Bark

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It’s 5 Days to Christmas. The kids are excited and will probably be saints until Christmas morning. 

In most worlds I would be in great spirits too, but as I mentioned last time I have been unwell. Christmas has somehow crept up on me as has the last week of school before the holidays. This last Sunday was a frenzied bake-a-thon as the girls started baking Christmas food gifts for their teachers. We usually give teachers a gift card and some kind of a sweet treat. My philosophy is pretty simple, there is zero effort in handing over a gift card, but if they make the effort to make something then they will hopefully be more mindful of the appreciation.Mint Oreo Bark

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50 Spicy Food Recipes You Can’t Resist!

50 Spicy Food RecipesLove a little spice? Love lots of spice? These 50 Spicy Food Recipes are perfect for the spice lovers in your life. Go ahead and admire the delicious dishes you could be cooking over the holidays (or any time really!) Between all 50 Spicy Food Recipes you’re sure to find something you love! Want to click through to a certain section? Go for it!

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Coffee Toffee Lindt Shortbread Cookies


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Did you ever watch Home Alone? You know, from back when Macaulay Culkin was cute. Apparently it released in 1990 and the fact that I remember it well makes me way old. But back to the movie. Growing up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that movie was the first time I was exposed to Christmas. You see we are Muslim and before the whole world shrank thanks to the internet Christmas was still a very North American/ European thing. Now I see friends still living in Pakistan putting up trees with twinkling lights. It is fun to see that Santa has gone global 🙂 

I love the carols, the lights, the magic of it all, but I also really love having another excuse to bake. When I spotted these Lindt Shortbread Cookies from Salma of The Write Balance I knew I had to bake them pronto. Because, well it’s the season after all. Coffee Toffee Lindt Shortbread Cookies

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