Mint Oreo Bark – A Food Gift Kids Can Make!

Mint Oreo Bark

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It’s 5 Days to Christmas. The kids are excited and will probably be saints until Christmas morning. 

In most worlds I would be in great spirits too, but as I mentioned last time I have been unwell. Christmas has somehow crept up on me as has the last week of school before the holidays. This last Sunday was a frenzied bake-a-thon as the girls started baking Christmas food gifts for their teachers. We usually give teachers a gift card and some kind of a sweet treat. My philosophy is pretty simple, there is zero effort in handing over a gift card, but if they make the effort to make something then they will hopefully be more mindful of the appreciation.Mint Oreo Bark

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Sweet and Spicy Roasted Cashews & My New Favourite Flavor Combo

Sweet and Spicy Roasted Cashews with Honey & Ginger!

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Growing up in Karachi with it’s brutal summers we were always admonished not to eat nuts (as they are warming) in the summer months. Come winter that embargo would be lifted and my father knowing cashews are my favourite would buy several kilos of them. A little excessive? Probably, but you couldn’t convince him of this if you tried. I always had cashews roasted and salted, not realising that there a world of flavour that could be added on! My brothers wife Renae introduced me to homemade spicy roasted cashews and I was a little in love. There may have been some sibling tussling over her spicy roasted cashews. My brother is stronger, but I had just had a baby so sympathy win you know!? Sweet and Spicy Roasted Cashews with Honey & Ginger!

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50 Spicy Food Recipes You Can’t Resist!

50 Spicy Food RecipesLove a little spice? Love lots of spice? These 50 Spicy Food Recipes are perfect for the spice lovers in your life. Go ahead and admire the delicious dishes you could be cooking over the holidays (or any time really!) Between all 50 Spicy Food Recipes you’re sure to find something you love! Want to click through to a certain section? Go for it!

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Chana Daal in an Instant Pot!

Chana Daal

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When we were kids we took a trip to the Northern parts of Pakistan, to Swat and Kaghan with their beautiful peaks and glacial rivers. I would share pictures, but I have some izzat (i.e. self respect).

Those weren’t necessarily my best years.

I don’t remember many details about the trip, but I do remember those delicious bags of chana daal that we would pick up from the nearest restaurant for dinner. When I say bags I am serious. The chana daal or chanay ki daal actually came in clear plastic bags that I would clumsily try to serve myself from, using roti to scoop up what I could, spilling some in the process. It was one of my favourite things about that trip and I really wish that I could recreate that kind of nostalgic magic. 

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