Genius Easiest Tomato Sauce a.k.a the only Tomato Sauce My Kids Like

Easiest Tomato Sauce

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Sometimes I hate ads. Especially those ones where it’s dinner time and there is a mother whose hair and makeup is casually but magically perfect at dinner time. She reaches for a jar of tomato sauce as her kids enthusiastically look on. Cue the close up of assorted fresh veggies being chopped and gleefully tossed into the pasta pot. The kids sneak a bite and radiate joy.

Here is what happens if I crack open a jar of tomato sauce, and I am talking the good kind. The older one will wail, the younger one will automatically wail too. I will offer to doctor it to their liking. There will be sulking, some tears. The will reluctantly eat one helping after what feels like a 1,238 reminders. Dinner will end with me feeling like I survived a battle. Easiest Tomato Sauce

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Classic Creamy Chocolate Mousse

Creamy Chocolate Mousse

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I learnt how to make this Creamy Chocolate Mousse from Betty Crocker. I wish I was kidding, because hell that’s way uncool, but it is the truth. Growing up I had this Betty Crocker recipe book, it was the size of a drugstore paperback and some 600 pages thick. Most of what I baked came from that little book without coloured photos or pithy pre recipe commentary. The instructions were pretty basic, but they clearly were good because I had more hits than misses from that tattered red book. Chocolate Mousse

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Gobi Gosht – a Meat and Cauliflower Stew for the Soul

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There are some foods that have a visceral appeal, where even before you take a bite, every sense of yours knows what to expect. The tender tear of the paratha, the firm delicate swoosh into the masala, a piece of bread picking up heady spiced beef and the gentler cauliflower. You know just how good it will be before you take your first bite. And then when you do it’s tough to stop. In case you cannot tell because I am so subtle, Gobi Gosht is one of those foods for me. I can’t remember if my mother made it (must ask), or when and where I discovered it, but I am undeniably a fan.

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Strawberry Jam Bars – Only 6 Ingredients!

Strawberry Jam Bars

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My 7 year old is a Jam Snob. When I made these Strawberry Jam Bars she politely ate one then after our friends had gone she looked at me and said “So I wasn’t a big fan of the bars. You see, I liked the top and the bottom, but that jam, that wasn’t good jam. You should get some good jam.”

Strawberry Jam Bars

Insert Eye Roll.

Note to self: drive 45 minutes out to Springridge Farms to buy strawberry jam. Because grocery store jams – ew. Also so are apparently jams with large pieces of fruit. That little bit there reassures me that she is still 7. Strawberry Jam Bars

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