No Oil Lemon Pickle (Achar) – Khattay Leemoo


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I always thought these lemons were a just my mama thing. As in I was actually convinced that no other person on this planet makes this super simple, clean, oil free lemon that is delightfully sour and the perfect condiment to brighten up your biryani and khichri alike. I shared an image of the process in my Instagram stories and was stunned when so very many of you responded and said that your mother, your mother in law, an aunty, a grandma, they all make it as well. In fact it was someone on instagram who supplied the moniker Khattay Leemoo. Khattay Leemoo

Mind Blown. 

So now I am going to put this pickle in the category of things that I keep humble delicious “ghar ka khana” (food cooked at home) dishes like daal and aaloo gosht in. Their utter simplicity means they may not be restaurant dishes, but they are definitely a worthy addition to the home cooks repertoire. Also can I just say how fun they were to do?

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Chawal ki Kheer – Pakistani Rice Pudding

chawal ki kheer

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In Urdu there is this expression – “haath ka maza” – it literally translates to the taste in someones hand, but is a nod to the idea that there is an intrinsic style to everyone’s cooking. My MIL is our resident expert chawal ki kheer maker, while this recipe incorporates a tip from her it does not attempt to be hers. Something about her haath ka maza I think.chawal ki kheer

It is still really good if I do say so myself and a derivative of this recipe I found from a lovely blog I discovered recently. The blog is called Rookie with a Cookie and she cooks with a zestful passion that had me reading her posts well into the night. Her chawal ki kheer is one that mimics the classic kheer you get in Pakistan, the kind in two earthenware bowls tied together. While I love that dearly, I wanted to make a more homestyle kheer and ended up making a quicker version of hers that incorporates a tip from my MIL.

My favourite part about this recipe is the preboiling of the rice and mashing to teeny tiny pieces. It makes me question my previous raw rice moves. hmmm 

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Kid Friendly Hara Masala Drumsticks

Hara Masala Drumsticks

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One of Murphy’s Laws should be if one of your children loves something the other will probably hate it (unless it’s icecream). My little one takes such joy from chicken drumsticks. She loves to get in there and strip it down to bare bones. Her sister on the other hand thinks there is something terribly wrong with dark meat. More often than not I find myself taking the pieces off the bone for her to eat.

Hara Masala Drumsticks

I don’t mind really. For most of my life – I refuse to give an end date for this – my father did the same for me. 

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Beautiful Vanilla Bean Buttercream Ala Prairie Girl

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

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Some of you may already know this, but my husband and I have two daughters. After the birth of my older one my husband would often say that when she wants something he is eating he doesn’t feel any resentment. I feel that way too – most of the time. That said, I distinctly one time I felt differently. She was little, between 2 and 3. I had heard about a bakery called Prairie Girl & popped in to try a cupcake. Usually I am underwhelmed by most cupcakes so I got two minis. A Vanilla with Vanilla Bean frosting for her and a Chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting for me. Just for funsies I tried a little bit of her vanilla frosting. It took every ounce of my being to give it back to her because all I wanted to do was to devour it.

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

In case you are wondering, yes I went back and got another cupcake for myself. 

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Kalay Chanay in an Instant Pot

Kalay Chanay

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It is Day 3 of Fasting guys. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, in the month of Ramadan, a month in the lunar Muslim calendar, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. In Canada that means a whopping 17 hour fast. No food, no water. For those of you familiar with fasts and keeping them, I hope yours are going well. This is my first year of Ramzan in a long time where both kids are in school and I have decided to take advantage of that to alter my regular schedule to include a nap. It is going a long way to compensate for the sleep I lose at night when I wake up for Sehri/Suhoor (the predawn meal). Fingers crossed that the rest of the fasts go as these have. Kalay Chanay

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