Kalay Chanay in an Instant Pot

Kalay Chanay

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It is Day 3 of Fasting guys. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, in the month of Ramadan, a month in the lunar Muslim calendar, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. In Canada that means a whopping 17 hour fast. No food, no water. For those of you familiar with fasts and keeping them, I hope yours are going well. This is my first year of Ramzan in a long time where both kids are in school and I have decided to take advantage of that to alter my regular schedule to include a nap. It is going a long way to compensate for the sleep I lose at night when I wake up for Sehri/Suhoor (the predawn meal). Fingers crossed that the rest of the fasts go as these have. Kalay Chanay

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Homemade Pakora Mix

Pakora Mix

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I have said it before and I will say it again – Mama Jafri is a practical lady and a force to be reckoned with. At some point she realized that spending so much time making pakora mix daily in Ramadan was quite ridiculous and started making huge batches of a dry pakora mix. Then at iftar time she would add a little water and whatever she was in the mood for.

My favourite: sliced boiled eggs. It sounds weird, but that is literally my favourite pakora. Green chutney not optional.Pakora Mix

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50 Spicy Food Recipes You Can’t Resist!

50 Spicy Food RecipesLove a little spice? Love lots of spice? These 50 Spicy Food Recipes are perfect for the spice lovers in your life. Go ahead and admire the delicious dishes you could be cooking over the holidays (or any time really!) Between all 50 Spicy Food Recipes you’re sure to find something you love! Want to click through to a certain section? Go for it!

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5-Ingredient Eggplant Tartlets

Eid Mubarak to those celebrating and welcome again to another ode to my love for puff pastry 🙂 When Lubna of Yummy Food kindly asked me for a recipe for her tenth and last year of hosting “From Fasting to Feasting” on her blog I thought it best to bring something simple, easy and a little different from the usual Ramadan fare. These Eggplant Tartlets fit the bill. It blows me away that Lubna has managed to bring together 30 bloggers every year to contribute a recipe a day for the holy month of Ramadan and I am honoured to be included in such good company. 

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Chicken & White Sauce Squares

Chicken White Sauce Squares

Desi truth: We love white sauce. Not the milk/cream, butter, nutmeg and a sprinkling of cheese kind, but the fully loaded variety with things in it that would appal French grandmamas. These Chicken & White Sauce Squares are inspired by the memory of another impressive woman. When I was a teenager there was a lady who made part of her living going from house to house making these squares. They were built with samosa wrappers that would shatter ever so slightly when you bit into them and savoured the creamy deliciousness of the white sauce filling.

Chicken and White Sauce Squares

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