Dark Chocolate Energy Bites (Made with Liquid Stevia!)

Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

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Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

When I first thought about energy bites I envisioned them as an after school snack for the kids. I wanted them to be easy to make and adaptable. Adaptable how? I have said before that my slim children who spend hours every day playing outside don’t need to watch their diet in quite the same way as their mama does. The challenge is that I always eat with them and so if I am feeding them a diet which has a portion of good fats I eat the same way. Let’s throw out there that I really shouldn’t be! I also am aware that body issues can start alarmingly early so I don’t like making this obvious. What I like about these Dark Chocolate Energy Bites sweetened by the power of Greeniche brand Chocolate Choice Flavorall is that they fill my dark chocolate cravings and with the right mix ins and drizzles are a great after school snack for the kids as well.  Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

These days these Dark Chocolate Energy Bites are also doing double duty as an after shoveling snack for me. Winter in Canada has started off with record temperature lows and lots of snow. I have now readjusted and think of clearing the driveway as a workout. If you drive by my house you’ll see me with headphones in throwing snow around with some enthusiasm. Hopefully, you would keep your windows up and not hear my tuneless singing. 

These Dark Chocolate Energy Bites get most of their ‘fueling’ power from oats, natural almond butter, and coconut oil. However, because they are sweetened with Chocolate Choice Flavorall and not processed sugar you won’t get the sugar crash or those calories. A tiny bit of honey is needed to bind these, but should you want to make these entirely sugar free you can always add a splash of water. I had a dark (85%) chocolate on hand, but you can always drizzle with whatever suits you. I generally love really dark chocolate so these bites are definitely not very sweet, but feel free to adjust the Chocolate Choice Flavorall to your taste! Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will remember that I have been working with Greeniche to develop recipes for those watching their sugar intake (as we all should be). The Greeniche line of sweeteners are made from Stevia, a natural sweetener. The Chocolate Choice Flavorall is part of their extensive line of flavored liquid sweeteners. Read more about them here

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Dark Chocolate Energy Bites
Chocolate Energy Bites (Made with Liquid Stevia!)
  • 1/4 - 1/3 tsp Chocolate Choice Flavorall
  • 1/4 cup Natural Almond Butter
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 1 cup Quick Oats
  • 1/2 oz chocolate (sugar free or dark) for drizzling (optional)
  1. Combine all the ingredients except the oats and chocolate in a bowl. Mix well. Taste and adjust sweetness with additional flavorall if desired. 

  2. Mix in oats and form into 1 inch balls. Makes 10-12 

  3. Keep covered in the fridge or at room temperature for an afternoon pick me up!

Recipe Notes

I like really dark chocolate so I keep the flavorall levels low (at 1/4 tsp) but feel free to add more to suit your tastes!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Greeniche a Canadian company that has several lines of natural health products. Although I am compensated for this post the recipe (and opinions) are my own! For more delicious Stevia recipes check out the Greeniche Blog


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