Hiatus Explained

June 17, 2013

big sister2
November 11, 2013 is when Zara is expected to join the big sister club. It is also the reason why there has been little to no activity on the blog. I am feeling better now, but still have days when I wish I could lie in bed all day. Not that I can, but no harm in wishing 🙂

I am from a big family and am so excited about us growing our own. If my children can grow up with and experience even half the love and support that I have then I will be a very very grateful Mama. Of course my excitement is nothing compared to Zara’s who has generously offered to clean even the dirtiest of diapers and take the baby to the park. I suspect that when the time comes she may renege on one of those offers!


Meanwhile here are a few pics of what I have been up to for the last few weeks. Blog posts to follow as soon as I make sure I have the recipes down right. Apparently I thought to take pictures, but not to write everything down which was kinda the point…baby brain?

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