Fifteen Fun Things about the Ramadan Market

May 12, 2018 (Last Updated: May 13, 2018)
Ramadan Market

Hey guys! So this is a little bit different than my usual post because there is no recipe here! There is however a quick rundown of a fun event happening in Toronto this weekend called the Ramadan Market, organised by Salam Sudduf. It is a selectively curated event, with each vendor representing an aesthetic that is clean, modern and even a little quirky. So without further ado here are my fifteen favourite things about the Ramadan Market.

Ramadan Market

1.) The Cheesecake Jars from Laila’s Cheesecake Co. (and Laila herself)

Laila has a natural effervescence and a passion for creating high quality desserts. Her cheesecake jars are the real deal, the kind of made with love goodness that you always want on hand (and can have too since they are freezer friendly!). We got the Oreo Cheesecake and the Chocolate Cheesecake jars and they are both delicious

2.) Hearth to Heart Desserts

We tried the pistachio and rose mini cakes, the oreo bites, the cake pop and all three were exquisite. The duo behind this business are clearly talented, passionate and creative and I would be so surprised if anything there was not absolutely amazing in taste.

3.) Sunflour and Sprinkles

We got the adorable masjid cookies from here – they are beautifully drawn on with edible ink and your kid can paint in the details with the palette and brush provided. They are pricier at 10, but as a fellow baker (with only a fraction of the talent) I can appreciate the effort that went into these! I also had my eye on their cake pop ice cream cones, but couldn’t figure out a way to take it home!

4.) Hafsa Creates

Ok so I have been distantly fan girling Hafsa’s products and it was absolutely wonderful to meet her in person. She is genuine, down to earth, and really humble. I loved her mugs, the cake toppers and the beautiful floral frames at her store. 

5.) Share the Khair

You guys, these ladies are HILARIOUS. I love their aesthetic and their sense of humor and got some Eid tags, Eidi envelopes and greeting cards. My favourite: the greeting card that says “You are the adrak to my lehsan”.

6.) The Ramadan Market Wall

Ramadan Market

I mean how can you not love it?

7.)Eastern Toybox

One of the first vendors I met, this business mama is all charm and the line of products is so good that I wanted t rewind my kids a few years just so we can play with them together! My favourites – the wooden toy village and Ilyas & Duck books. 

8.) Honey Lemon Events

Their cart is the cutest. I mean just look at it! Their line of paper products includes gift wrapping items and party products like Eid Mubarak cups and plates. My faves: Their cups/plates and the wrapping paper.

Ramadan Market

9.) Made with Hab

One of the last vendors I chatted with before having to leave, their decor products are high quality and thoughtful. My favourite: The wooden Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak signs. 

10.) The Mother’s Room by This Ruh

In all the hustle bustle of the market it was nice to see a mother’s retreat. Quiet and serene with comfy chairs, water, toys for little ones, it was a wonderful reminder of what women can do for other women.

11.) Sheendipity

Her line of mugs and paper products made me so very happy, it sounds odd but it is true. If you have time then stop and chat with her – she’s so easy and fun to talk to!

12. The Vendors

You guys. Never have I been in a place with so many wonderful warm people in one room. These are bustling boss babes with inspiring stories and if you can take the time to chat then please do!

13. In-T First

Their well curated beautiful gift boxes are a gift anyone would love. The variety in their offerings is amazing and the beautiful little chocolate treats they were kind enough to let me sample were astoundingly delicious too. 

14. Miss Nova

Do you know how you go to Eid Melas and half the stuff there for kids is …. well, tacky? You know what I am talking about. Miss Nova made my day by offering pretty elegant clothes that any girl would want to wear. Khussas, Lehengas, Ghararas, Tunics, she has a small stall but a great selection. My favourite: The little lace tunics, perfect for summertime Eid festivities. 

15. Al Joher Gems 

They blew me away with their simple innovative designs. I loved their quality and understated elegance. My favourite: the slim band with the Allah on it. 

Overall the Ramadan Market is a wonderful experience, go early to avoid the crowds as it does get busy in there. Just remember though to be gracious with the organisers and with fellow guests, especially those with little ones! For videos and more pictures of the action just check out #RM2018 Highlight on my Instagram Profile!

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