Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

Hello and welcome to this weeks collection of random three things that I have been up to or thinking about, but wouldn’t write an entire post about. That’s in large part because I have a food blog and don’t really know how I would tie some of this stuff in 😉

Thing One: Pretty Perfumes

At one point I had a modest collection of perfumes, at this point I am down to one that I love (Miss Dior), but I can see that it’s coming to an end. Since I no longer casually saunter through department stores smelling hundreds of bottles of perfume for fun (jk, I never did that) I didn’t know what I wanted next. As it turns out those perfume adverts in magazines that I usually just ignore have little strips you can open up and smell and these ones are just so pretty. 

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One day Kate, one day.

Thing Two: Her turn

Perhaps it’s just me, but with my first I was so excited to do things with her, share things with her, come up with new experiences, but with my second it is not even close to the same. Most of the time I plan around my older ones schedule and interests and my second is the lucky beneficiary of her sisters choices.

IMG_2166 IMG_2155

Well a visiting friend provided the perfect excuse for me to change that and this week I took Mishaal to a nearby farm. She loved it. All of it. From just being outdoors to running among haystacks to the mega bumpy slides and her favorite part – the sand pit where she would pick sand up in her little fists and squeal excitedly as she threw it. I cannot wait to take her back. Just her even.

Thing Three: Beautiful Words

This is a bit of an old one, but since I came across it recently I thought I would share one of BuzzFeeds many lists. This one is called 51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature. Read, Reread, Absorb.enhanced-buzz-wide-14821-1417821631-7

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