Meet Sarah

Hi and thanks for coming by! My name is Sarah. In my previous lives I have been an economic analyst and a financial adviser, but for the last few years I have been crazily happily busy being mama to my two wonderful girls. That was a career switch so to speak that my younger self could not have anticipated, but that my older self is very happy with.

The common thread in all this has been my love of food. You know you have a problem when at your baby shower your brothers identify eating as one of your hobbies. Sheesh. The least they could do is say it’s baking you know?

Baking is truly my first love. I get immense satisfaction from a chewy chocolate-y cookie, a cheesecake that is both firm and luscious or a muffin that makes even the dreariest of mornings seem a little brighter. I am not into froufrou desserts, at least not yet. Maybe one day.

Mir Family 2014 - 53

I would not call cooking a love quite as yet. It still feels like a little like work, but sharing it with you here makes it feel less so. Thanks for reading 🙂

I grew up eating mostly Pakistani food. Unfortunately for mother as much as my 5 siblings and I love food we had a limited range of likes – most lentils, some traditional stews, very few veggies, and next to no fruit. Now that I am an adult and a mother I am actively trying to change that because it is now that I truly understand how appalled my mother would be when we would argue that “a potato is a vegetable”.

(Note to self: must delete above paragraph when girls start to read. Will amend it to say something like, “when I was little I would get up every morning and say ‘what veggies can I eat today?” Yeah that sounds totally believable.)

Join me as a I cook a predominately Pakistani smorgasbord of food and bake up some dangerously yummy treats. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions and can be reached at


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