Chicken Methi Qeema with Matar (Ground Chicken with Fenugreek and Peas)

Methi Qeema

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For the longest time my daughters would insist they don’t like qeema. I try not to take this personally but for someone who grew up on Aaloo Qeema and Daal this was hard to stomach. Then one day we were at a friends house for brunch and she had made a chicken qeema and lo and behold they were gobbling it up. Naturally I smiled and was all like “look at you,that’s great!” but inwardly I had that ugly moment that every mom has had. That “what’s wrong with my qeema” moment.

Methi Qeema

To this day I am not sure what the answer to that question is – I will stick to my guns on my making of a really good Aaloo Qeema as well as a good Chicken Karahi Qeema. However, I have discovered there is something about the quick magic of Methi Qeema that my kids really like. 

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Kid Friendly Instant Pot Pulled Beef for EVERYTHING

Instant Pot Pulled Beef

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The kids are back in school now. I want to wax lyrical about the bitter sweetness of that first day back, but somehow two days in that first day seems to be a distant memory. We have quickly gotten back into a routine. The only difference perhaps is that I am having to wake them up for school as they still haven’t gotten used to falling asleep early. I think I am probably also one of five people on this planet who really like packing school lunches.

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15 Minute Shrimp and Coconut Curry

15 Minute Shrimp and Coconut Milk Curry

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There is a kind of summer afternoon that is almost magical. The afternoon that is neither too hot nor too cold, pleasantly breezy, and magically mellow. As I sit and type this I hear the gentle swishing of leaves and branches, the lake water lackadaisically lolling against the dock, the kids quietly painting, and Coke Studio in the background. We are up in the Kawarthas for our annual cottage vacation. The first time we came up here my little one wasn’t born yet and now she is the one who is most enthusiastic and will plunge right into the lake on overcast days with an infectious glee.15 Minute Shrimp and Coconut Milk Curry

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Strawberry Lime Slushie with Stevia & Eid Mubarak!

Strawberry Lime Slushie with Stevia

Hello friends! How is your Eid weekend going? On Eid weekend the excitement (and exhaustion!) is palpable around these parts! Eid Day One went off wonderfully and now we are celebrating with a family dinner tonight and a lunch at our place tomorrow. For which I have almost decided the menu. The uncertainty doesn’t feel quite so good. You know what does thought? Being able to eat and drink whenever we want! With summer temps kicking in a cool drink is always appreciated and this Strawberry Lime Slushie with Stevia is the perfect beverage for those hot days.Strawberry Lime Slushie with Stevia

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Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake with Milky Way Frosting + #EidEats2018

Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake

Hello hello and welcome to Eid Eats 2018! Eid Eats is where blogging buddies and enthusiastic chefs share their Eid creations with us. It has to be neither fancy nor traditional, simply anything your heart desires! If you are a blogger participate by dropping your link a little below. If you are not then just use the hashtag #EidEats2018 on Instagram and we will check out your creations. Worried we will miss it? Tag any or all of us – Henna from @ChaiandChurros, Asiya from @ChocolateandChillies or me @FlourandSpiceBlog and we will see it and share it! Want more deets? Check this post out.

Now what did I bring to the party this year? A recipe for a Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake with Milky Way Frosting. This cake is pretty to look at with a moist chocolate sponge and an easy filling that is mind-blowingly good. The frosting has just 3 magical ingredients that combine to create what I can only describe as a frosting version of the Milky Way chocolate bar. The milk chocolate (Dairy Milk works best) combines with the Dulce de Leche to create a filling that is sweet and luscious and pairs beautifully with this dark chocolate roll. The cake itself has great flavour, the 2 tbsp of oil save it from the dry sponge of a typical roll cake, but it is still sturdy enough to roll with ease.  Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake

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