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No Churn Coffee Toffee Ice Cream – No Machine Needed!

May 4, 2016 (Last Updated: August 8, 2020)
A cup of no churn coffee toffee ice cream with toffee bits
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Folks, I have a love/mistrust relationship with pinterest. I’d tell you why, but I’d like for you to continue to trust my ability to cook. When I saw no churn ice creams take over my pinterest feed I politely ignored them until one day I gave in to the ‘what if’. My healthy skepticism prevailed until I took one bite of this No Churn Coffee Toffee Ice Cream… then another, then another and by the time I had finished my bowl I knew this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful foodship. 

No churn coffee toffee ice cream

Is a No Churn Ice Cream Creamy or Icy?

Despite it’s lack of ‘churning’ the ice cream is still remarkably creamy from the whipping of the cream itself and the richness of the condensed milk. In texture it is not quite as voluptuous as a custard based churned ice cream, but it is delicious and addictive nonetheless. Also, it’s so quick. You can whip the cream up in about 5 minutes, fold in the remaining ingredients, call it a day and graciously accept everyone’s oohs and aahs when you proudly serve your homemade ice cream. 

With my diehard love for coffee – I drink it black folks – it took some restraint to keep the coffee flavor at an everyone friendly level, but I was truly quite happy with it. If you want a more prominent coffee flavor in this no churn coffee toffee ice cream then feel free to increase the coffee by another 1/2 tbsp. I wouldn’t go far over that because the sugar in this recipe comes from the condensed milk – if you make your ice cream too bitter then ‘fixing’ it is a little tricky.

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No Churn Coffee Toffee Ice Cream
Author: Sarah – Flour & Spice Blog
  • 2 cups whipping cream
  • 1.5 tbsp instant coffee
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 1/3 cup skor bits
  1. Warm the milk slightly, mix in the instant coffee granules and set aside.
  2. Whip the cream till stiff peaks form
  3. Fold in the condensed milk, coffee solution and half the skor bits.
  4. Pour the ice cream mix into your container of choice, sprinkle more skor bits over top and freeze for 6+ hours.
Recipe Notes

– this makes for a delicious easy base, have some fun with it!

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