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The Ultimate Dawat Guide: Cracking the Code on Desi Hosting


I hear I should write something enthusiastically salesy when talking about an eBook. Something that says that I am about to Solve ALL Your Problems or help you be The Best Ever. Turns out I am not built that way and if you are a regular reader here then you are probably okay with that. Let’s talk instead about why this Ultimate Dawat Guide exists and what it means for me to able to share it with you.

This Dawat Guide is part of my legacy. I spoke recently about how, especially as women, there are so many things we learn from one another that go unacknowledged. We do not value them yet they bring incredible value to our lives.

I am so privileged to have so very many of those women in my life from my mother to my aunts to my friends. From my mother I have learnt – and shared often – a pragmatic approach to cooking and entertaining, the value of having a table set the night before, the right number of desserts for different parties, how an what to bulk cook and freeze, and countless other things. My SIL has taught me an appreciation for details, her fruit infused waters make me feel straight up fancy. My aunts have taught me how to adapt the Desi Dawat code for a North American life, they’ve shown me countless little ways to elevate even the simplest meal. Most importantly I have learnt that hosting is about welcoming someone into your home. No matter how busy you are, how tired, hosting is about creating a sanctuary for your guests, an inviting space for them to connect with others.

Learning to Host ‘Naturally’

Creating a welcoming world for your guest sounds lovely right? Yet sometimes it can be so hard to do that. It can be hard to be zen and emanate warmth when you can barely stand on your two feet. This is why Izzah and I wrote this guide. In it you will find ways to simplify hosting, from tailoring your decor to over a dozen menu samples to ways to execute a menu so you aren’t scrambling like a headless chicken the day of your party. These are lessons we have learnt from the hosts in our lives and from our own mistakes. We are so incredibly excited to be able to share them with you.

Inside The Ultimate Dawat Guide


Inside The Ultimate Dawat Guide you will find useful info about the following:-

  • Time Management
  • Menu Planning
  • How to determine the quantity of food
  • Decor Ideas
  • How to tackle space constraints
  • Pakistani and Indian casual and formal Dinner menu ideas
  • Menu ideas for a range of celebrations from kids’ birthdays, casual lunches, to a more formal open house
  • Checklists for what to do the days leading up to the event.
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety
  • How to heat and reheat food..AND keep it warm
  • Which foods to partially cook or prepare beforehand and what to prepare fresh
  • Post-party cleanup tips
  • Table-Setting and essential hosting items
  • The mindset behind good hosting
  • and so much more!!

The Ultimate Dawat Guide is on SALE till EID!


We have wanted to make this guide accessible and affordable at 9.99 USD. However, from now until end of day June 4th we are also offering a 20% discount on the guide AND including some Bonus Features! For 7.99 USD you get the 58 page Ultimate Dawat Guide, Bonus Features including a detailed menu inspiration list (with recipe links!), samples for non Desi menus AND since 10% of our revenue will go towards UNICEF you are also supporting a worthy charity.

Still not sure? Hesitating because you think two Food Bloggers probably expect you to cook a zillion things at a time? Spoiler alert: We don’t. To get a tiny insight into how we think about check out The Dinner Party Menu Cheat Sheet. Don’t wait too long though, 7.99 USD is SUCH a great value!

If you have any questions then as always email me at flourandspiceblog@gmail.com or message me on instagram @flourandspiceblog. Hope this guide brings you the joy and peace of mind that the knowledge in it brings us.

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