Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake with Milky Way Frosting + #EidEats2018

Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake

Hello hello and welcome to Eid Eats 2018! Eid Eats is where blogging buddies and enthusiastic chefs share their Eid creations with us. It has to be neither fancy nor traditional, simply anything your heart desires! If you are a blogger participate by dropping your link a little below. If you are not then just use the hashtag #EidEats2018 on Instagram and we will check out your creations. Worried we will miss it? Tag any or all of us – Henna from @ChaiandChurros, Asiya from @ChocolateandChillies or me @FlourandSpiceBlog and we will see it and share it! Want more deets? Check this post out.

Now what did I bring to the party this year? A recipe for a Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake with Milky Way Frosting. This cake is pretty to look at with a moist chocolate sponge and an easy filling that is mind-blowingly good. The frosting has just 3 magical ingredients that combine to create what I can only describe as a frosting version of the Milky Way chocolate bar. The milk chocolate (Dairy Milk works best) combines with the Dulce de Leche to create a filling that is sweet and luscious and pairs beautifully with this dark chocolate roll. The cake itself has great flavour, the 2 tbsp of oil save it from the dry sponge of a typical roll cake, but it is still sturdy enough to roll with ease.  Patterned Chocolate Roll Cake

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Mini Asparagus and Zucchini Quiche and #EidEats2018

Mini Asparagus and Zucchini Quiche

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Do you guys remember Eid Eats? It is a virtual potluck that is currently on it’s 5th year, officially making it older than my second child lol. Co-hosted by Henna at Chai & Churros and Asiya at Chocolate & Chillies it is a link party that goes live towards the end of Ramadan. What can you expect to see there? A round up of delicious Eid appropriate recipes from bloggers around the world. Some seriously tasty inspiration there for your Eid party. 

Mini Asparagus and Zucchini Quiche

Henna, Asiya and I have a bit of a tradition going where every time we announce the details of this virtual party we cook something from each others blogs. Today I have made these adorable Mini Asparagus & Zucchini Quiche from Asiya’s blog. She makes a regular sized quiche, but I have adapted the recipe to make 12 minis. 

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Eid Decor – An Eid Dessert Table!

Eid Decor Already?

Ramadan may be two months away, but my girls have already started talking about Eid. The little one because that is when she next wears nail polish (insert eye roll and lol), the big because she is an enthusiastic party planner. We have gotten into the rhythm of hosting something on Eid ul Fitr every year. As the girls get older we make a conscious effort to have that something be an event that involves all their friends. Their excitement over their clothes, getting their henna done the day before, the Eid decor, the impatience with which they wait for friends to arrive, that is the best part. eid decor

When Lail of With a Spin, a tasteful Islamic products store, sent these adorable camel cutters and favor boxes to me to try out I instantly knew that whatever I did would have to reflect that bright happy joy. I also love the idea of making a fun whimsical tablescape with items that would actually get eaten or used. My girls got such a kick out of the little camel cookie toppers, and I really enjoyed how the sugar cookies made a simple white cake look so festive.

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Spinach & Artichoke Puff Pastry Braid

spinach puff pastry braid

Hello my lovely readers! We are days away from Eid (woohoo!) and that means it is time for Eid Eats, that delicious roundup of Eid recipes. This year it is hosted by My Ninja Naan & Chocolate & Chillies. Do hop over on to their page to check out whats cooking! I have had a bit of a history of bringing desserts to the table. There were the Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Stars, the Coconut Barfi, and the Eid classic of Sheer Khurma. This year I decided to break from tradition and share something that I make for all kinds of parties, not just Eid. This Spinach & Artichoke Puff Pastry Braid is filled with a creamy bechamel filling that has some spice from green chillies, the sweet nubbiness of corn and fantastic flavor all around. It is a cinch to put together with store bought puff pastry dough and looks so pretty on the table. It also meets my two main requirements for a party. One is that the filling can be prepped ahead of time, the second that it reheats beautifully. The Spinach & Artichoke Puff Pastry Braid is versatile in that it’s perfect for tea, brunch or even lunch depending on what you serve it with. 

spinach and artichoke puff pastry braid

spinach puff pastry braid

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My Mother’s Coconut Barfi & Eid Eats 2015

Some foods make me think of being a small child, of little hands and not so little hands, sneaking pieces when no one is looking, only half sure that the consequences of this petty theft won’t be so bad.  This barfi is one of them, my mother usually made it on special occasions and colored it so that one layer was pink and the other was green. The coconut she used was sweeter, heftier, and my little self couldn’t get enough of it. Yes, my dental problems started early.

Coconut Barfi

My older daughter has a surprising love for all ‘desi’ desserts. Kheer, kulfi, shahi tukray, gulab jamun – she loves them all. And I love passing down a love for culinary heritage. When I said I would make something for Eid that her Nano (grandmother) made when I was young it made her beautiful little eyes sparkle with excitement. Sometimes I wish I could bottle that stuff up and keep it forever. But to me that is what Eid is about, sheer happiness. While I am far from the land of glittering ‘chaand raats’ (the night before Eid) we are building our own Eid traditions and homemade Pakistani desserts will always be part of them.

My Mother’s Coconut Barfi

This barfi is not the usual white kind; the ingredients combined with the cooking down of the dairy make it taste like a caramelly coconut fudge. I used unsweetened coconut, but my mother put sweetened coconut. Use whatever you prefer, but just remember to stir stir stir otherwise this will burn burn burn!

Another new tradition that I am very excited about is Eid Eats, we had our first annual eid potluck last year and thanks to it I discovered many delicious recipes and some wonderful bloggers who I now think of as friends. This is year two and I am even more excited to see what my fellow hosts – Henna at My Ninja Naan and Asiya at Chocolate & Chillies – and other remarkable food bloggers have to share. Please click on the Eid Eats graphic below to see the full gallery of yumminess and add yours to the mix; remember we would all love to hear from you! Hope this inspires you to have a deliciously happy Eid!

Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones!!!

Psst for those of you wondering how to join in, hop on over here.

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